Talking with Moira Quinn

After twenty-six years in TV news (formerly as the co-host of PM Magazine on WBTV), Moira Quinn left the small screen to become COO of Charlotte Center City Partners. Here are the five things Quinn needs before 9 a.m. to get her day started.

General Foods International Chai Latte Drink Mix
"I used to get up so early for morning TV, and caffeine was too rough for my poor tummy. Now I don't drink caffeine. … These taste good and make me believe I'm drinking caffeine when I'm not."

La Boheme
"More and more I'm asked to speak at a morning meeting or to do a morning radio interview … and I need to sound like I didn't just roll out of bed. I need to warm up my voice, and singing is the best way to correctly warm up your voice."

Chi Ceramic Flat Iron
"What did I do before I found it? It used to take me three times as long to get ready. I had the most ginormous round brush ever made. The flat iron was a gift from the good Lord. It was a sign from God that the Lord wanted me to get ready in a third of the time."

"There's jack on the radio prior to 5 in the morning, and if you're walking your dog before 5, there's nothing to listen to. … So I read my book (only trashy novels) as I walk my dog because he's not much of a conversationalist."

Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector
"It's all to fool people into thinking I sleep eight hours. You have to find something that reflects light but is dry enough so that makeup won't gather under your eye."
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