The Art of a Toast

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We’ve all been there – sitting awkwardly in attendance during a reception as the bride’s Maid of Honor rambles on and on and on through a list of inside jokes from their 2003 Spring Break to Panema. We get it. You shouldn’t have taken that last Jello shot.

Executing a proper wedding toast is tricky. So Maids of Honor and Best Men listen up – this one’s for you.

Keep it short.

Four to five minutes is plenty of time to pay tribute to the couple and get your point across. People will be waiting to finish their cake or get to the bar.

No inside jokes.

A toast is not the time to get a chuckle out of the bride or groom by commenting on an inside joke. No one will get it and you’ll be left with crickets.

Keep it PG.

Try to limit any sexual innuendos or crass comments. Remember, the couple’s grandparents or other elderly guests will probably be in attendance.

Don’t quote the Hangover.

Please. No more Wolfpack.

Be sincere.

If your toast is more of a “roast,” make sure to carve out a few minutes at the end to recognize the couple and put in a few kind words about how perfect they are for each other.

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