The Art of Victoria Angelini


Victoria Angelini’s art is a fusion of old world and new. From inside South End coworking space C3 Lab, the 25-year-old turns rough, reclaimed wood into delicate wall hangings, shelves, headboards, and tables. Most of that wood comes from old pallets, which Angelini planes and cuts down into thin strips. These pieces are then carefully placed together in geometric patterns, creating a stunning display of angles dramatized by variations in color. Some of the strips are dotted with a delicate pattern—a detail that hints at the artist’s degree in printmaking from Clemson University. Her ability to take reclaimed materials and turn them into elegant art has earned her nearly 14,000 Instagram followers—and a long list of custom orders to keep her busy. Get on that list before it gets any longer. Prices vary. Email her or check out her Etsy page here.

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