Valentino’s Taco Truck

Valentino's Taco Truck
Look for it uptown (if he gets the permit) or parked behind the restaurant at 3607 N. Sharon Amity Rd. 704-563-6878.
Irregular hours.

Alejandro mans the truck behind Valentino's Mexican restaurant on Sharon Amity Road.

Alejandro mans the truck behind Valentino’s Mexican restaurant on Sharon Amity Road.

I spotted the taco truck parked behind Valentino's, so I made a quick U-turn, because I love a good taco truck. I know a lot of people who are afraid of these trucks, which brings up the most important factor in great dive exploration: Don't be such a wussy.

These trucks serve all kinds of fast, inexpensive food. Of course I always give it the once-over to make sure the truck is clean and well maintained. (Food trucks are regulated by the city, but barely.) This one had a superclean grill. It serves little tacos filled with beef, chicken, or chorizo for $1.50. They are small but good. The best and most authentic thing to buy from this truck is a torta. These big, hot Mexican sandwiches put those chain store subs to shame. A torta is kind of a combo between a sub and a Philly cheese steak. The bread is the key. It's a seven-inch roll called a bolillo. It has a firm crust and a chewy center. I ordered the Pachuquéna Milanesa, which is a thin slice of breaded beef with mayonnaise, sliced tomatoes, pineapple, white cheese, and onions. I wolfed it down. This was a big, pleasant surprise to me. I'll be eating a lot of tortas from now on.

The owner is trying to get a permit to park his truck uptown, so if you see it, put on your bathing cap and dive in!

Photographs by Chris Edwards 


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