What Superpowers Do You Have?

Take our exclusive quiz to see if power is in your destiny

Your Score

100+: Ken Lewis called. He wants to have lunch.
If you're not on the list, you should be.

You're on your way.

Let us guess: Stuck in middle management?

Consider marrying into power.

Less than 19:
You're a peon now, and you'll always be a peon.

Are you CEO of Bank of America? +100 (also, if you answered yes, you may put down your pencil)

Are you now or have you been CEO of Wachovia within the past six months? -100

Are you CEO of anything? +15

Do you serve on the United Way Executive Committee? -3

Are you owner of the Bobcats? -3

Do you play for the Bobcats? +3

Are you a member of the Bobcats dance team? That's nice.

Are you on any of the following boards: YMCA, Center City Partners, Arts & Science Council, Foundation for the Carolinas? +6 for each yes

Are you an elected official? -4

Do you regularly attend church? +3

If so, do you attend any of the following churches:
  • First Presbyterian
  • Myers Park Presbyterian
  • Myers Park Methodist? +5

Did you graduate from any of the following schools: Charlotte Country Day? +10

Do you have a degree from any of the following colleges or universities: Davidson, Harvard, UNC Chapel Hill? +5 for each yes

Do you have a degree from Duke? That's nice.

Are you a member of any of the following country clubs: Charlotte Country Club, Myers Park Country Club, Quail Hollow Club? +8 for each yes

Do you have a YMCA named after you? +30

Are you a member of the YMCA? +2

Do you work in the media? -5

Do you own a vacation home at any of the following places: Blowing Rock, Linville, Debordieu, Charleston? +4 for each yes

Do you own a vacation home at Myrtle Beach? -10

Do you regularly attend NASCAR races? -3

If so, where do you sit:

  • Private suite? +8
  • Grandstands? -4
  • RV in the parking lot? -6

Do you regularly attend the Wachovia Championship? +4

If so, where do you watch from:

  • The grass? -3
  • A corporate suite along no. 18? +7
  • The tent at no. 17? +4
  • Johnny Harris's backyard? +20

Are you a woman? -10

Have you ever called anyone on the power 50? +2 for each yes

Have they ever called you back? +7 for each yes

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