13 International Desserts You Must Try in Charlotte

Treats that'll hit your sweet spot, and where to find them

1. Clafoutis aux Fruits (top of page)

This smooth, creamy custard from the Limousin region of France is served with a granola crisp and diced peaches
Where to find it: La Belle Helene, Fourth Ward

2. Pineapple Coconut Panna Cotta 

Sweetened cream thickened with gelatin is the basis for this Italian dessert, which is garnished with a citrus cookie and roasted pineapple slice
Where to find it: forchetta, First Ward

3. Armenian Honey Cake

Honey is baked into the paper-thin layers of this light, airy cake that has origins in rural Armenia, where beekeeping was popular 
Where to find it: Ararat17, Matthews

4. Ma’amoul 

A date-filled cookie with Arabian origins, maamoul is often made to celebrate religious holidays
Where to find it: Kabab-Je, Ballantyne and Matthews; Cedarland Grocery & Restaurant, Eastway

5. Chin Chin

A popular Nigerian street food, this sweet and crunchy snack is often flavored with nutmeg
Where to find it: The Cooking Pot, Wynnwood

6. Sticky Toffee Pudding

This moist sponge cake drizzled with toffee sauce is best served with vanilla custard or ice cream 
Where to find it: Big Ben British Restaurant & Pub, South End

7. Mochi

This Japanese treat (also called daifuku) is a rice cake filled with sweetened red bean paste
Where to find it: Yamazaru, South End
Tip: Sadly, you won’t find red bean paste here, but you have your choice of ice cream filling

8. Galaktoboureko 

Galaktoboureko, or creamy custard pie, is made of phyllo layers filled with an orange-zest custard and drizzled with honey 
Where to find it: Greco Fresh Grille, various locations

9. Apple Strudel

Dynasties of Austrian monarchs savored this dessert of sweet baked apples and cinnamon wrapped in flaky layers of strudel dough
Where to find it: Strudelteig Food Truck

10. Guava Pastelito

Guava pastelitos (a.k.a. guava puff pastries) are a simple Cuban dessert made with puff pastry dough and a sweet guava filling
Where to find it: Suárez Bakery, Myers Park and Optimist Hall

11. Gulab Jamun 

Spongy, deep-fried dough balls (sometimes called “Indian doughnuts”) soaked in cinnamon syrup are often served in Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan
Where to find it: Maharani, Myers Park

12. Picarones

These light and crispy fried treats, made with pumpkin and sweet potato, are a popular dessert in Peru and Chile 
Where to find it: Machu Picchu, Pineville and Matthews

13. Mooncake

The filling for this traditional Chinese pastry is a dense paste made from dried lotus seeds or red beans, and often contains whole salted egg yolks in the center as the symbol of the full moon
Where to find it: Hong Kong Bakery, Wynnwood
Tip: Mooncakes are traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival, a festival for lunar appreciation

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