2009 BOB Awards: Body & Soul

Body & Soul

Pilates Studio

Iron Butterfly Pilates owner Heather Obleada and her team personalize Pilates programs to help clients achieve their fitness goals (as in, tone your postbaby midsection). The loft-style studio includes several areas for private and duet sessions on Pilates equipment (starting at $40 per person) and a spacious room for group mat classes. Group classes (available for newbies and advanced students at $120 for ten classes) include fun options like Pilates and Pliés, a ballet-infused practice.
Atherton Lofts, 2108 South Blvd., Ste. 105 704-661-6778

Couples Massage

Massage is a fitting prescription for recession anxiety, and escaping with your sweetie or a friend to enjoy a sublime couple’s massage at Eden Therapy & Massage certainly fits the bill (relaxation for less; a couple’s massage starts at $125). Relax in a simple and luxurious massage room featuring side-by-side massage tables while Eden’s therapists rub the kinks out of your neck and relieve stress in your muscles. You and your partner will leave refreshed, renewed, and recession-anxiety free.
2115 Southend Dr., Ste. 101, 704-749-8101

Hot Yoga Class

The Signature Facial at the Spa at Ballantyne Resort is customized to your skin type.

The Signature Facial at the Spa at Ballantyne Resort is customized to your skin type.

Yoga One Wellness has hooked countless Charlotteans on yoga’s physical and mental benefits. The studio’s dynamic power yoga classes are taught in a 94-degree room for an all-body workout that challenges your strength, flexibility, and mind. (You’ll be holding chair pose for so long that your quads will burn … in a good way, of course.) Yoga One’s highly trained instructors empower yogis of all experience levels to deepen their practice. Pick up a ten-class pass for $100.
1111 Central Ave., Ste. 100, 704-332-9911

Hot Stone Massage

Ultimate relaxation mixed with a deep-tissue massage — that’s the kind of experience you’re in for with the Hawaiian Hot Stone at Urbana City Spa. In addition to being incorporated into the strokes of the massage (at your requested pressure intensity), the tumbled-soft stones are placed at several chakra points on your body to harness positive energy and wrapped around your feet and between your toes for supreme stress relief. Once you’ve felt what those stones can do for tense shoulders, strained backs, and sore feet during this addictive ninety-minute treatment ($145), you’ll become a regular here.
7510 Pineville-Matthews Rd., 704-543-1700

Manicure/Pedicure Combo

Now that complimentary cocktails, massage chairs, and enormous polish selections have become standard at any good nail salon, what does it take to set a mani-pedi apart from the pack? How about a callous-softening mask, a hot paraffin pedicure dip, and an orange sugar scrub for your hands all while sitting in Ballantyne Village Nail Salon‘s airy spa-like space overlooking Ballantyne (in a massage chair, of course) with a free glass of wine in your hand? Sound good so far? It gets better: the whole shebang — paraffin, scrub, and long lasting, expertly applied polish included — is only $45. More for your money, indeed.
14815 John J. Delaney Dr., 704-369-5188

Yoga Instructor

Yogis flock to Melody White‘s invigorating classes at Laughing Buddha studio and the Harris Y because they revitalize body and spirit. Also a professional writer, White shares poignant thoughts about life — who doesn’t need positive words of encouragement these days? — leaving you with lasting enlightenment long after you’ve rolled up your mat.

Body Treatment

Once one of the aestheticians at Shapes Salon & Spa gets her loofah on you for the Hydrotone Capsule at Shapes, you’ll be saying sayonara to dry, winter skin. During this fifty-minute treatment ($85), you’ll be scrubbed down, which removes dead skin cells and invigorates the skin, using essential oils (mmm, lavender). But it’s what comes next that you’ll love — climb into one of Shapes’s state-of-the-art treatment capsules, where you’ll experience massaging water (similar to a Vichy shower) and a steam room all in one. The treatment is so relaxing that you may find yourself nodding off to the sound of pulsing water on your achy muscles.
8045 Providence Rd., 704-341-0922

Facial for Less

Neiman Marcus isn’t usually the place where you go looking for a bargain. However, that’s exactly what you’ll find at the luxury department store’s cozy spa. Neiman’s in-house aesthetician provides deluxe facials in a peaceful spa environment tucked away next to the busy store’s cosmetics department. Using lines sold in the store, such as Amore Pacific and Keihl’s, the service is completely complimentary, with the hope that you’ll enjoy the results enough to purchase the products.
SouthPark, 704-442-7900

Massage for Sore Muscles

Frank Miller at The Porch Swing Spa has been a masseur for years, but only recently began practicing Thai massage. After a certification trip to Chiang Mai in Thailand last fall, Miller began offering the Asian massage ($85). Perfect for relaxing tense muscles, the treatment involves stretching and deep-tissue massage. You’ll be pulled, pushed, and rubbed into a more centered and limber you while listening to peaceful music in the quiet spa setting. Miller is knowledgeable and thorough in the treatment, which lasts for two hours and covers your entire body.
The Porch Swing Spa, 2030 E. Seventh St. 704-763-2678

Hair Treatment

Once you’re seated in Jon Ric Hair Spa‘s spacious treatment room and listening to a sophisticated Euro-pop soundtrack, a specially trained stylist will slowly massage a concentrated mixture of Kérastase emollients onto dry, frizzy, or color-treated hair during this $60 treatment. Long a beauty must-do for stylish women on the left coast, this spa ritual immerses clients in an ambience of luxury and serenity. When you’re finished, you’ll not only be more relaxed but your hair will be noticeably sleeker and smoother.
Jon Ric Hair Spa, 4310 Sharon Rd., Ste. U5 704-362-6005

Meditation Yoga Class

Sangati Yoga and Massage offers healing-arts services including therapeutic yoga and massage. Teachers here celebrate anusara yoga’s uplifting philosophy and promote the style’s precise alignment principles with lots of individual instruction. Couple that with the studio’s intimate atmosphere and Sangati’s classes (eight-class pass for $96) feel like a restorative retreat from everyday stress. Check out the Mixed and Meditation class, an energizing yoga practice and reflective guided meditation, to rejuvenate your energy and focus.
2201 Park Rd., 704-334-3221


Sometimes a facial leaves your skin too dry or too oily. But with the Ballantyne Signature Facial at The Spa at Ballantyne Resort, you avoid the hassle of getting a treatment that’s meant for anyone else’s skin but yours. Aestheticians analyze your skin and décolletage and ask about your skin issues: Too oily? Wrinkles? Acne? Sun damage? Then, using Eminence Certified Organic cleansers, exfoliants, masques, serums, and moisturizers, they customize your facial ($90 for fifty minutes) to draw out your skin’s impurities and also hydrate it.
10000 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy., 704-248-4141