2016 ArtPop Billboard Winners Announced (See Images)

Shown is a photo of a 2015 ArtPop winner. See the new slew of winners below.

ARTPOP IS BACK, with the work of 20 regional artists scheduled to appear on billboards across the city next year. The program is a collaboration between founder Wendy Hickey, Adams Outdoor Advertising, and the Arts & Science Council. Hickey says it's been “a way for people to know who the local artists are in their community and support them.” That was one of ArtPop’s original charges. But there have been surprises, too.

“You see all the different things that have happened from it," Hickey says. "These monthly events at Le Meridien. We’re now doing news racks in uptown. All across the country, I’m doing plus-size digital billboards and static billboards. But the artists getting commissioned from it has really been the gravy.”

Twice a month, Le Meridien hosts a program titled “Art + Aperitif.” This is where ArtPop artists share their works and process with the community. At Monday night’s reveal party for the 2016 winners, it was confirmed that the events will continue into next year. 

ArtPop became a 501(c)(3) this past August, and it’s now in seven cities across the U.S. This particular branch, though, is personal for Hickey. “For me, it’s been important living here, the program being born here, visiting the galleries and the artists, and having that connection,” Hickey says. “Just watching the artists collaborate, too. Charlotte has been amazing for ArtPopmy biggest city yet.”

See the 2016 winners below. The ASC says 129 applications were submitted this year. Fifteen artists were chosen by a jury, and then 10 additional works were posted for a public vote, with five from that process making the final cut. The winners shown here represent 11 counties in total. You’ll recognize some names, like Kyle Mosher, from past stories on Charlottemagazine.com. We’ll begin with the initial 15 choices by jury.

Jean Cauthen, of Mint Hill. Work is oil panting on Canvas. See more of her work at Ciel Gallery.

Christopher Craft, of Charlotte. Work is encaustic painting on cradled wooden panel. One-half of Brushmark Studios.

​Leonor Demori, of Charlotte. Work is acrylic paint on glass. Artists represented by Sozo Gallery.

Chris Evans, of Rock Hill. Work is acrylic on wood panel. 

Julio Gonzalez, of Charlotte. Work is acrylic painting. Owner of Wonder What If

Laura Hitchcock, of Charlotte. Work is oil painting. Founding partner of Ciel Gallery.

​Foozhan Kashkooli, of Charlotte. Work is oil on board.

Allison Luce, of Charlotte. Work is fired clay with oxides, under-glaze, glaze and mixed media. Her website can be found here.

Kyle Mosher, of Charlotte. Work is mixed-media. Find his work here.

Nicholas Napoletano, of Charlotte. Work is oil paint on canvas. His website can be found here.

Osiris Rain, of Charlotte. Work is oil on linen mounted to aluminum panel. Find him here.

Veda Saravan, of Charlotte. Work is acrylics on canvas.

Sydney Sogol, of Charlotte. Work is fiber art, weaving, yarn. Find her work here.

Jimi Thompson, of Rock Hill. Work is acrylic/digital. His Behance portfolio.

Rob Young, of Salisbury. Work is acrylics. 

Here are the artists selected by the ASC's public vote:

Susan Card, of Fort Mill. Work is acrylic painting and mixed media. Find her website here.

Barbara Ellis, of Charlotte. Work is acrylic on canvas.

Elyse Frederick, of Charlotte. Work is acrylic and oil pastel. Represented by Ciel Gallery

Jennifer Parham Gilomen, of Lake Wylie. Work is thread, rice paper, wax, tea, wallpaper, cotton rag paper. Find her website here.

Veronica Maldonado, of Waxhaw. Work is oil on canvas.

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