‘282’ Discusses CIAA Week

Charlotte magazine contributing writer and blogger Jarvis Holliday is also a producer/correspondent for a new, local news roundtable show called 282. The show debuted in January and airs each Monday, 6:30 p.m., on WTVI, the local PBS affiliate, channel 42 (channel 5 Time Warner Cable). Hosted by Carlton Hargro, each week 282 features guests discussing topics that are relevant to Charlotte. On the February 20 episode, the first topic they discuss is the upcoming CIAA Tournament with Anthony Lindsey, chair of the CIAA Local Organizing Committee. Lindsey, among other things, addresses how the CIAA feels about the hundreds of parties that go on the week the tournament is in town.

Watch the full episode of 282 below (discussion of the CIAA begins early on).


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