48 Hour Film Project Entries Screened in South End

Since 2001, a worldwide contest has challenged filmmakers to create shorts with an assigned genre, character, prop, and line of dialogue, with only 48 hours for completion. Each city has its own competition in August, with a screening following the two days. Tonight, you can check out the films submitted this year at Vin Master Wine Shop in South End, with the filmmakers around to chat about their creations.

Registered teams included 8mm Queen, All Around Artsy, Basic Cable, ConThreeGo, Henry Blue, Invisible Man Productions, Midwood Productions, Mind over Matter Films, Narrow Gauge Road, Pope Von Klump Team#.07, PowWow / Baker's Dozen Films, Reimaged KQII FILMS, Roueche Team, Scarykind, TeamQC, The Pork-Chop Express, and WalksWorth. Check out Scarykind’s 2014 submission below. “Southern Weather” was made with the following prompt: their genre was “Fish Out Of Water,” their prop was a sleeping bag, character was “Chris or Christina Emerson, Journalist,” and their piece of dialogue was "Can you tell me what this is?"

Tonight’s screening starts at 6 p.m. and runs $5, with proceeds going toward local arts funding. You can read more about the competition and see submissions from other cities here.

In November, Charlotte hosted another contest for filmmakers, titled 100 Words Film Festival. Like the 48 Hour Film Project, creators were given a certain set of parameters to partake. You can read more about that competition here.

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