A Conversation with … John Bossard

Brie Williams

Charlotte-based designer John Bossard is known for interiors that span the spectrum from traditional and transitional to midcentury modern. And we love them all. So we asked him a few design questions to satisfy our curiosity—and help us design our own comfortable, elegant interior.

What design trend do you dislike right now?
I do not like lighting systems in houses. They consistently never work. I prefer an on/off switch with a rheostat.

One that you love?
The return to classicism. I love decorators like Albert Hadley, Sister Parish — good, comfortable, tasteful interior design. I think the symmetry is part of the base of classical style. Creating balance and formality — that comes from the symmetry, especially in wall art and architecture. Classic design is timeless.

What was your favorite room to design?
A Swedish-inspired kitchen with antique Dutch tiles on the wall and Swedish-inspired furnishings with comfortable upholstery. I loved the fabrics and the textures we used. We did a soft strie on the walls in addition to the antique Delft Dutch tiles. And I love the zinc chandelier.

What color scheme do you love right now?
Stone Blue (Farrow & Ball) and Rectory Red (Farrow & Ball). It reminds me of a Napoleon III French room. I really like black lacquered doors with painted black molding on the casing and the baseboards. It’s a very sophisticated color palette, so it’d work best in a study, office, library, or a very intimate, private space.

What three coffee-table books would you tell a home-owner to look at for inspiration?
The Story of America’s Preeminent Designer by Adam Lewis, Suzanne Kasler’s Inspired Interiors, and Thad Hayes’s Thad Hayes.

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