A Fully Locked and Loaded Proposal

S.C. Rep. William Chumley strikes a blow for his fellow self-defenders

That’s a fantastic observation, Rep. Bill Chumley.

Minorities have been sitting ducks for too long.

Time to wake up and start packing heat.

Just imagine it: African-American brothers and sisters—and Native Americans, Latinos, name your ethnic group, we’re all Americans—gathered in brotherhood and freedom, carrying concealed-carry Glocks, Bushmasters slung over their shoulders, AR-15s with high-capacity magazines set on automatic and ready to return fire.

Deterrence, my friends. No gun-free zones here. Pop into a church or barber shop or community forum with a .45 and a head full of nonsense? Prepare to get your sorry ass chopped down by the Second Amendment.

There’s safety in numbers. Think about the message the victims of Emanuel A.M.E. Church could have sent if they had walked in public to their Bible study last week in a protective phalanx, Good Books under one arm, Good Weapons at the ends of the other?

Talk about Christian soldiers! Hell, the folks of Charleston would probably have lined Calhoun Street to applaud. And Dylann Roof would’ve seen a holy hedgehog primed to turn him into Swiss cheese, and he would’ve meekly slunk away into the night, another bad guy with a gun neutralized.

It’d be a victory for freedom. And most of those nine people would still be alive, assuming they were trained, ready, and didn’t accidentally hit one of their own while defending themselves.

It’s an idea whose time has come. Long overdue, actually. Sing it, Brother Malcolm:

Come to think of it, something else wonderful would come from such a vigorous display by law-abiding American citizens.

We might finally get some semblance of gun control legislation passed somewhere, anywhere.

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