A (sort of) "goodbye," from Revue

In what was bound to be a very bittersweet blog post, today I announce my resignation as www.charlottemagazine.com’s arts and entertainment blogger. Not, as you’re probably suspecting, because of an unsavory Twitter scandal, but because an opportunity in another state has presented itself this past month. While saying goodbye to Charlotte and the great people at Charlotte magazine is a real heartache, I know that the experience I’ve gotten in this city, writing Revue and other Charlotte musings, has equipped me well for new, exciting challenges.

I’ll spare you too much sentiment, but I will say that after 127 Revue posts, the blog tagline I wrote when Revue first started (for perspective, that was just a month before the new Mint Museum Uptown opened) has proved true: you really never do have an excuse to be bored in Charlotte. In a city constantly forging its own personality, where we want more than anything to develop our own, individual culture, the arts are indispensable. The more people Charlotte has creating art, promoting it, and critiquing it, the better chance Charlotte has at becoming the kind of city it wants to be.

That said, Revue, the blog, isn’t going anywhere. Be on the look out for a new arts and entertainment writer in the next few weeks. In the meantime, editor-in-chief Rick Thurmond will fill in from time to time to keep you abreast of the city’s latest shows, exhibits, and concerts.

Thank you, sincerely, for caring enough about Charlotte’s culture to read Revue. Please keep doing so.

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