A Star Is Born

Chris Edwards
T-shirt designer Nod Norkus's line of baby onesies is perfect for your little rock ‘n' roller.

Nod Norkus has just what you need for your wee rebel. Babitude, an assortment of antiestablishment gear aimed at the thumb- sucker set, is the latest collection from the Charlotte graphic t-shirt artist. after creating a onesie emblazoned with "official product of sex, love and rock and roll," as a gift for a musician friend’s newborn daughter, Norkus got to thinking. "It’s so cute when you see a baby wearing something unexpected," he says, "something that sets your kid apart." the new line features t-shirts and onesies with rock ‘n’ roll themes, and Norkus is expanding the line to incorporate an environmental design, to be printed on organic cotton. Prices range from $7 to $10 and can be found at nodnorkus.com.

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