A time traveling David Frost opens up about Nixon interview

Why carpooling can be good for your career.

I never got to interview former President Richard Nixon.

I was 12 when he died. Although, I do have a vague memory of writing him a letter when I was in fifth grade asking for a more finite explanation of G. Gordon Liddy's role in the Watergate Hotel break-ins and what the best kind of dog is (The answer is beagles. Have at me commenters!), he never responded.

One of the few to snag an exclusive with Nixon was David Frost, a failed former Brittish game show and television host who has since been knighted, a few years after Nixon stepped down from office. Since then plays and a movie have been produced about these tension-filled interviews.

The Carolina Actors Studio Theatre (better known as CAST) is performing the 2006 play titled Frost/Nixon. In an interview with the star of the show, Hank West (playing David Frost), Creative Loafing's Perry Tannenbaum has West summon living-legend Frost, so he can ask questions about those famed televised chats.

It's a fascinating idea and a fun read that provides insight on how an actor interprets a character, the importance of those interviews and why car-pooling to work can be good for your career. Read it at www.clclt.com/charlotte/frostwest-talks-up-frostnixon/Content?oid=2961112.

The play will end its run Jan. 23 at CAST. For more information visit www.nccast.com