Addison Weeks Expands To Home Accessories

Jessica Milligan, Lettering by Maxwell Gates
Clockwise from top center: Large Bendall vase; Thomas labradorite box; Wallace malachite box; Wallace moonstone tall box; Dewey cups in lapis, moonstone, and malachite; turquoise turtle box; malachite, pink quartz, and labradorite wine stoppers; Bendall labradorite napkin rings; Thomas amazonite box; brass Dewey napkin rings in hot pink quartz and aqua; stainless steel Avery amazonite round box; prices available upon request.

WHEN LEE LESLEY and Kat Mulford launched their jewelry line, Addison Weeks, in 2012, they didn’t know they were ahead of a trend. The gold-plated, gemstone jewelry line gained so much popularity since then that they’ve added collections of home goods. The latest additions include trays, vases, and napkin rings, and are available in stores around Charlotte, including Acquisitions, Meredith A. Jackson Jewelry, SPLURGE, and Granville, and through

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