Affordable Getaway: This Natural Beach Near Charlotte is a Secret Oasis

Head on down; the water and rental rates are mighty fine.

If you thought all the eastern Carolina beaches were over-developed and overpriced, think again. South Carolina’s got a secret shoreline that’s missed a lot of the commercialization, and it’s about to be your new, private paradise.

Edisto Beach, South Carolina, is a sandy slice of heaven that was luckily spared from Hurricane Florence’s wrath, which means it is a fantastic Carolina beach wedding venue if yours didn’t fare so well in the storm. Additionally, in the off-season, Edisto Beach has insanely affordable prices that make it seem illogical to book a fall beach trip anywhere else.

The Affordable Beach Getaway You Always Wanted

It’s easy to take advantage of the summertime. When the heat is pounding onto the pavement, you think you’ve got plenty of time to go to the beach. But then life happens, and you never get to see the ocean the whole summer. Before you know it, the leaves are falling, and people are drinking pumpkin coffees.

If that sounds like you this past summer, don’t berate yourself. Instead, make up for lost beach time and book an autumn getaway to Edisto Beach. From autumn all the way through spring, this natural beach landscape is yours for the taking—at a price you’ve only seen in your dreams. Edisto in the fall has all the ingredients for a dream beach vacation.

More than 50 percent more affordable than summer trips

Depending on the rental house or condo, fall rental rates can be at least 50 percent less than the summer rates. Let us say that again: Your beach vacation to Edisto in the fall will cost at least half of what it would cost you to visit in the summertime. The savings are a no-brainer.

Shorter rental requirements

Renting a beach house is a great idea until you realize most Carolina beach rentals require you to book at least a full week. Some people just don’t have that kind of time. If you’ve been pushed away because of this rule before, you will be happy to know that mandatory long-term vacation rentals are not the case with fall visits to Edisto. Shorter rental periods are more readily available in the off-season, which means you don’t always have to book an entire week.

Activities galore

Edisto’s fall calendar of events is bursting with action. Experience everything from oyster roasts, arts and craft shows, home tours, and fishing tournaments during the autumn in Edisto Beach. The fun doesn’t stop when summer’s over! See the event calendar here to plan your trip.

No crowds, just relaxation

Edisto Beach somehow managed to scoot by without any hotel or high-rises being added to the landscape. What’s that mean for you? Miles upon miles of undeveloped beach. No mobs of tourists litter the area—just the salty scent, grainy sand, and soothing sunshine to keep you company. If you ask us, that’s a true getaway.

Dog-friendly shores

No need to leave Fido at home when you head to the coast. The dog moms and dads of Charlotte will be happy to know that their pups are welcome on Edisto Beach. Bring the whole family for a fall vacation that everyone can enjoy—you know your dog will love running on the beach! You may also board your pup at Edisto Kennels for a doggy play date.

Competitive Pricing for Fall & Spring Edisto Beach Weddings

The great rates don’t end at weekend getaways. If you had a wedding scheduled during the timeframe Hurricane Florence took a toll on the Carolina coasts, fret not about finding a new venue. While its neighbors focus on rebuilding, Edisto’s beach views offer a good alternative. At a competitive price in the spring, Edisto Beach serves as a beautiful and budget-friendly backdrop for your big day. The same goes for any displaced honeymoon or babymoon plans as well—Edisto will be your saving grace. Click here to get more information about Edisto Beach for weddings.

If you’re ready to discover your new favorite beach to frequent, visit Edisto Chamber of Commerce’s website to learn more.

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