April 2009 Best Bets

Queen's Cup Steeplechase

Queen's Cup Steeplechase


Legally Blonde the Musical

Elle Woods may have gotten dumped by Warner, her perfect boyfriend, but she's, like, totally not going to give up on true love. Armed with a frappucino and the best clothes in Southern California, this former sorority president heads to Harvard to win Warner back from the unmanicured clutches of his preppy new girlfriend. But Elle quickly learns that law school is a far cry from the perfumed halls of Delta Nu. As soon as she opens her glitter-encrusted laptop, she's stuck in a world of worthless ex-boyfriends, legalese, and boring clothes. You're sure to love this singing and dancing version of the hit 2001 film, which proves that hard work and bad hair don't have to go together. See listing on page 39 for details. April 21-26, Ovens Auditorium

Queen's Cup Steeplechase

Break out the Lilly Pulitzer and open your tailgate for a day of thoroughbred racing at the Queen's Cup Steeplechase. Though the race has been held in our region since 1995, the Brooklandwood course in Mineral Springs, near the I-485 beltway, opened officially in 2000. The Queen's Cup is a nonprofit organization, and this year the Make-a-Wish Foundation has been chosen to benefit from the proceeds of the day. Since its inception, the steeplechase has donated more than $400,000 to local and regional charities. See listing on page 45 for details.
April 25, Brooklandwood racecourse in Mineral Springs

Robert Post

We all have known guys like Robert Post. In elementary school they were given infractions for not being able to sit still. In high school they still drank milk through straws stuck in their noses. While adults tried to make them stop, we laughed at their antics every time the teacher's back was turned. Post, pictured, funnier than all these class clowns, found his calling on the stage with high-energy physical comedy. Using his arms, legs, toes, and the occasional dummy, Post has wowed crowds in the United States and Canada with everything from juggling to gymnastics. See listing on page 39 for details. April 25, George A. Batte Jr. Fine Arts Center, Wingate University

Jimmy Buffet

Ever wanted to know the perfect margarita recipe or wondered who invented that miraculous machine, the blender? These two questions, found on the FAQ section of Jimmy Buffett's Web site, sum up the career and mentality of one of music's most beloved troubadours. Now that he's leaning toward the country side of things in duets with Alan Jackson, Martina McBride, and others, Buffet, pictured, has found yet another audience to dig his beachy tunes and laid-back lifestyle. Parrotheads of all ages should look forward to seeing the king of Margaritaville here in Charlotte for one of his legendary concerts. See listing on page 42 for details.  April 21, Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre