April 2009

Real Estate

The New Real Estate Reality

This time last year, Charlotte’s housing market seemed largely insulated from the market slowdown in other regions of the country. But now things are different, and we’re feeling the heat. Here’s a case-by-case guide on how to navigate the new real estate reality

By Jen Pilla Taylor

Nonprofits in Charlotte

Attention, Charlotte: The Nonprofits Are Now in Charge

Charlotte’s traditional business leaders are busy watching the bottom line and testifying before Congress. Which means the nonprofits are running the city. Here’s your illustrated guide to the new pecking order

By Richard Thurmond

 New Real Estate Reality

The Good, the Bad, and the Blue

Now that the second building boom is ending, it’s time to review the results. The verdict: a blend of bland and almost inspired -- and thank God it's not 1986

By Richard Maschal


It wasn't just Wachovia or BofA -- we all got a little greedy. And now we're all paying for it 
By Kenneth Allen

The day after the inauguration, I had a conversation I thought I'd never have. It's a start
By Laurie Prince

With Actor's Theatre's new show, a world premiere it commissioned (and that ridicules a notorious moment in Charlotte arts history), it steps into the spotlight
By Perry Tannenbaum

Local restaurateur and chef Jim Noble wants to feed you—physically and spiritually
By Sarah Crosland

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Photograph by Chris Edwards

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