Arabian Nights (and Weekend Matinees)

Oscar who? Discovery Place is opening a new movie this weekend.

We all heard that The King’s Speech and James Franco are getting all the cinematic nods this week. This weekend in Charlotte, however, movie nods will tilt all the way back in their chairs to take in the full panorama of Arabia, an all new IMAX show at Discovery Place that we think is going to be pretty spectacular.

The film, created by a film student, a writer, and an archaeologist of Jones proportions, explores the cultures, traditions, and scenery of ancient and modern Arabia (not really a "country," no, but use your imagination). It’s a documentary film that includes digital reproductions of ancient cities, interviews, and some of that sweeping, hang-on-to-your-seat camera work over sand dunes (not to mention the Hajj).

The other popular desert movie this year took place in the same five square feet, and the main supporting character was a Swiss Army knife. Apparently, that warrants the same accolade as Inception, but that’s for another post…the point is, there’s a killer, off-the-Oscar-ballot movie coming to town this weekend that’s an educational thrill for the whole fam.

Did we mention we had a trailer? Enjoy! 

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