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A few favorite bouquets for winter I dos

Whether you're a bride a bit behind on planning your florals for this winter's wedding, or you're working diligently ahead (Type As, I'm totally on your page) for late fall/early winter 2014 nuptials, the chill in the air and the spirit of Christmas just 'round the corner (49 days to be precise!) ushers in a fitting moment to discuss cold weather blooms for your wedding bouquets. Aside from the obvious budgetary benefits to those tying the knot in the holiday season (abundant arrangements readily available in most church venues that can be used for ceremony decor sans extra funds), winter months offer an entirely unique way to incorporate saturated hues and rustic elements and even muted palettes with an icy-esque effect that are all emblematic of the season's beauty. Even for the bride who is impartial to fillers, the typical winter hues allow for more than a few unexpectedly beautiful alternatives to the traditional green ones. Sporatic berries in a bouquet of deep red roses or even a simple bunch of wheatgrass secured with a chocolate brown satin ribbon are as stunning as they are cost-effective. So go ahead, get inspired by our favorite picks below. I know I'd say "I do" to any one of them without reservation!  

{sources clockwise from top left: ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR}

{bridal portrait detail shot}

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