Are You Forgetting to Clean These 5 Germ Hotbeds at Home?

Cover your bases.

Cleaning the house isn't every homeowner's favorite hobby. For many, in fact, it probably ranks on the opposite end of the enjoyment scale. However, cleaning is one of those necessary evils that must be tackled if you want to preserve your home, your sanity, and your family's health.

Whether you've got a cleaning crew that comes in or you're the one doing the dirty work, there are a few spots in your house that are busier than others yet often get overlooked in the tidying process. To truly clean your home, make sure you're not missing these germy areas. You might be appalled when you realize just how long it's been since you actually cleaned each spot!


5 Dirty Spots You're Forgetting to Clean


1. Toothbrush holder

Think about all the mouth germs that seep down your toothbrush onto the holder, especially during a sick spell. Keep your mouth health up to par by ensuring you clean the toothbrush holder. Just stick the item into the dishwasher once a week, and you'll be all set.


2. Desk accessories

As the world of work-at-homers expands, we suspect you get quite a bit of use out of your home office. At the very least, your computer accessories. Don't forget the regularly wipe down your desk, especially if you're known to chow down in front of the computer during breakfast and/or lunch. You'll also want to disinfect your mouse and keyboard at least weekly to banish the area of all those germs acquired during your coughing and sneezing fits.


3. Light switches

Take a moment and envision all the people who have touched the light switches in your home. Now think about the last time you cleaned those light switches. Maybe never? Yeah, yikes. Grab a damp cloth soaked in vinegar and hot water and give those switches a swift rub down. Then, finish with a polishing cloth.


4. Faucets

Talk about a breeding ground for bacteria. The sink handles and faucet in your kitchen need to be disinfected almost daily, especially if you deal with a lot of raw meat. Use hot water and dish soap to clean these assets each day. Then, make a baking soda and vinegar paste to apply to the faucet and rinse off for a shiny finish.


5. Banisters and doorknobs

Another place where grimy hands touch freely, hand rails along your stairs and in other areas of the home are extremely susceptible to holding onto germs. They're also an afterthought in the cleaning process. Give your banisters and doorknobs the same treatment: the wipe of a cloth soaked in hot water and vinegar, then a swipe of a polishing cloth to complete.

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