Are you trying to seduce me?

Answer: Yes, we are. With free tickets to Theatre Charlotte's production of The Graduate!
Courtesy of Theatre Charlotte

That parental voice in your head telling you that you really ought to be taking advantage of local theater would be well-advised to shut it, this time.

That’s because we are giving away two FREE tickets to Theatre Charlotte’s production of The Graduate, on stage from January 21-February 6, and you should need any cajoling to take advantage. It’s the steamy (if awkward) story about a recent college grad in cahoots with a neighborhood mother—the predecessor to Finch’s antics in American Pie.

Since this is Revue’s first-ever contest, we’re going to take it easy on participants…all we’re asking you to do is leave a comment below with the best concert or play you saw in Charlotte over the past year. Whether you just sobbed your eyes out at Billy Elliot, or were totally blown away by the Kings of Leon concert last fall, we want to know. By sharing, you’ll be entered into a drawing for the two Theatre Charlotte tickets.

Good luck!

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