Ball-rolling at Breathing Room

Breathing RoomWHAT IS IT Think of it as a deep-tissue massage sans the masseuse. You release tight muscles and increase range of motion by laying your own body weight on a six- to ten-inch rubber ball.

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE You literally roll your body out, over and over until your muscles feel like JELL-O.

COOL FACTOR Besides the fact that you’re releasing tension in overworked muscles, the technique actually elongates your limbs without so much as one stretch. How? Think of it this way: when you roll out cookie dough it gets bigger, longer, wider. Your muscles do the same thing.

WHO IT'S FOR From the svelte twenty-year-old to the sixty-year-old yogi, it's for everyone. Bonus: for those recovering from injuries, this is an easy, noninvasive way to get your limbs feeling fresh. $15 per class, Breathing Room, 214 W. Tremont Ave., 704-335-3315,

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