Bar Cocoa Opening at The Ritz-Carlton

Charlotte's uptown Ritz-Carlton has announced that on September 30th it will be opening Bar Cocoa, a decadent restaurant featuring all things chocolate. At the new spot, an extension of The Lobby Lounge, hotel guests and the public can enjoy offerings like Chocolate Afternoon Tea ($32 for adults), a weekly 5-course Chocolate and Champagne Dinner ($125 per person), culinary classes centered around chocolate ($75 per person), and pastries and confections such as white chocolate and orange scones.

The tea, which is $32 for adults, is a contemporary and chocolate-focused version of the traditional afternoon tea. You'll find offerings like the "Bar Cocoa" which features layers of praline and gianduja cake, hazelnut dacquoise, chocolate mousse, and milk chocolate chantilly (And if you know what half those words mean without having to look them up, you're more of a chocolate connoisseur than I.) And speaking of exotic chocolate dishes, the bar's signature hot chocolate drink will be created with Valrhona Manjair chocolate with cocoa beans from Madagascar.

Tea starts on October 1. The first champagne dinner is on October 8. And the first cooking class is October 15.

For more information and reservations, call The Ritz-Carlton at 704.547.2244.

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