Benevolent Boutique


Success can often be as simple as finding the right look. that’s why Charlotte-based interior designer Cynthia Urbanik, who has worked on uptown condos, medical buildings, and other large developments, joined forces with Dress for Success, an international nonprofit that provides disadvantaged women with interview outfits and career development services. Using donated materials and time, as well as a few stylistic touches of her own — like the fierce, textured red wall facing the store’s entrance — Urbanik helped transform a 5,000-square-foot warehouse into a cosmopolitan boutique, replete with lush drapery and modern lighting, where women sponsored by the charity could come to be dressed. “I really wanted to create an environment that would give women self-confidence,” says urbanik, “where they could walk in the door and feel a sense of pride and dignity.” to see how you can help Dress for Success, check out its Web site at Dress For Success Boutique, 500-A Clanton Rd., 704-525-7706. Cindy Urbanik Interiors, 504 Pierson Dr., 704-806-8175,