Bilingual Babes

Julie Aguirre Whitted's line of baby clothes reflects her Latin roots
Chris Edwards

You might not know how to say "princess" or "champion" in Spanish, but "awww!" needs no translation. Good thing, too, because that’s all you’ll be saying when you see Julie Aguirre Whitted’s new children’s clothing line, Hola Baby. The company creates baby onesies and kids’ T-shirts printed with adorable designs and Spanish phrases, like "fresona" and "campeon" ("strawberry" and "champion"). The first-generation American Latina and mother of two started the business when she went looking for ways to incorporate her culture into her own kids’ daily lives, but couldn’t find any baby clothes to help. "I thought that

my target market would be people like me, looking for ties to their background," the former reporter for Channel 3 recalls. "It turns out, though, that there’s a lot of people who want to expose their children to all cultures and languages." Find the muy lindo (that’s "very cute") items at Pura Vida Worldly Art or Belly Elan Maternity Boutique. holababyshop. com.

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