Birdsong releasing “No Quarter Porter” Friday

Courtesy of Birdsong Brewing
Birdsong is releasing "No Quarter Porter," a coffee vanilla porter, this Friday.

“They carry news that must get through.”

That’s the last line of the first verse from Led Zeppelin’s classic “No Quarter.” And with that, I carry news from Birdsong Brewing that must get through to the local beer community, as the brewery is releasing “No Quarter Porter,” a coffee vanilla porter, this Friday.

Fans of Birdsong know that the brewery has a tradition of naming its beers after songs (see: Higher Ground IPA, Fake Plastic Trees, etc.), and they’ve paired these two perfectly: In the song, Robert Plant sings about a person(s) journey through cold winds and weather, which this beer would be perfect for. This porter is brewed with local coffee (Sumatra Lintong) from Central Coffee Co. in Plaza Midwood, along with vanilla beans.  

The beer will be released at the brewery Friday and Birdsong will then be distributing it to their wholesale accounts beginning next week. This one won’t be around long, so try it when you can. And if you have 25 minutes to spare and want to watch a live performance of the song that inspired this beer, head here.

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