Boozy B-day Parties

Birthday party for the kids + wine for the parents = fun for all
Chris Edwards

The latest trend in kiddie birthday parties isn’t for the children, but rather for the parents. Amy Aussieker, owner of FABO art café in Myers Park, regularly hosts jewelry and craft birthday parties for children and teens. She offers packages that include pizza from nearby Mellow Mushroom, lemonade, and a beer and wine option for parents. “I have two kids and I’ve been to so many Chuck E. Cheese parties that were just a nightmare,” says Aussieker. “I thought, there’s a way to make this better for everyone.” Grace Savage recently hosted a jewelry-making party for her five-year-old daughter and a dozen friends, and she wasn’t surprised when most of the parents stayed, too. “We had our own little party at the same time as the kids,” she says, noting the wine package she purchased for the ’rents. At Allegra Hinson’s Jazzercize studio on Park Road, parents also get to enjoy adult beverages while the little ones party. “Kids’ parties are always so arduous,” Hinson says. “This option makes things a little more fun for everyone.” No flask necessary.