Bridal Bright

Chris Edwards

Make your ‘maids happy with stylish pumps they can actually wear again. Choose coordinating shoes in jewel-toned hues with details like fancy feathers, sassy satin bows, and jeweled buckles so your wedding party can make a fashionable statement while stepping down the aisle.

1. Huarache platform heels by J. crew $228 J. crew southPark
2. rosali by Badgley Mischka $199.99
3. carlos santana Dream yellow sandal $70 Macy’s
4. Versani gold sandal $325 Via Veneto
5. ella D’orsay by Blue Tux (dyed cobalt blue by Belk shoe repair) $39 Bella Bridesmaid
6. BritbyMartinezValero $134.99
7. Tartan by ragazza $129 Belk southPark

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