Bridal Fashion: Royal Bride to Be, Kate Middleton

Seven years later (if they were in the U.S. they would be considered common law married already, no?) and Prince William and Kate Middleton are finally engaged. (Lucky girl, I’ll say.) In the bridal world, the buzz is speculation of where they will wed, when they will wed, how they will wed and most importantly what will she wear to wed the handsome Wills.

Middleton’s style is across the board, if you ask me. At times she dresses very conservatively, other times fashion forward. And then there are the occasions that she mixes the two—I think of one of her oversize feather hats paired with a skirt suit.

There are loads and loads and loads of bridal gowns available so I snagged a few pics of what I think the soon-to-be-royalty bride might walk down the aisle in and I skipped over the strapless and sweetheart styles for one-shouldered and bold-shouldered designs.

What gown styles do you think she will be trying on?

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