Bumble and Bumble's New Concen-Straight Pro Smoothing Treatment at Hudson E. Hudson Salon

Semi-daily, we talk about fashion, sales, events, and more fashion—anything to keep you as stylish as possible around this town. But lately, I seem to have forgotten the concept of head-to-toe fashion, leaving out one very important element that finds a place in our every ensemble: hair. I do have an excuse—when it comes to hair, I’m inept at anything but wielding a flat iron until my strands are smoking. I’ve sported my same long, straight high school ‘do since, well, high school (barring one “very adventurous” long bob my freshman year of college).

But recently, my perspective changed. I happened upon Huntersville’s newest salon, Hudson E. Hudson (on facebook, too)—which I’ll just say, has set the bar as the wave (pun intended) of the future for hair salons. Cue: wine, iPads, top of the line styling tools, and ceiling-suspended blow dryers. You’ll want to get your hands on our upcoming January issue to get the full scoop on this chop shop.

I’d recently decided to bag my Pantene Pro-V routine and shell out a little more for shampoo, all in the search for smoother hair. I ended up with Bumble and Bumble’s new “Straight” line and began using it. So, imagine my surprise when, on my first visit to Hudson E. Hudson, I got the skinny that they offered the brand new (like, I was the first person in the salon to try it kind of brand new) Bumble and Bumble Concen-Straight Smoothing treatment. It’s designed to pummel frizz and smooth strands even in the face of humidity. (That sounded great). And once I learned that it’s free of parabens, cysteine, lye, and formaldehyde, I was sold.  

On Tuesday, I sat through the fairly involved (3-hour) but painless process (I inhaled celebrity gossip on an iPad and relaxed), which included a wash, all-over coating with the Concen-Straight solution, a 30-minute wait with intermittent combing, a 10-minute rinse, and then styling.  So now, loyal readers, I invite you to join me on a journey through my next 30 shampoos (that’s how long it lasts) to see if I’ve finally struck gold on the quest for stick-straight, flyaway-free locks. Don’t worry, I won’t talk about my shampoos for the next 30 days; I’ll just check in every so often, in case you’re debating this treatment.

Day 1—Treatment day: my hair type really soaked in the solution. Even after blow-drying, it remained wet. Fortunately, unlike other smoothing treatments, with Concen-Straight, you can wash your hair after 24 hours. So, note: if you decide on this treatment, allot a day where you can be grungy and have oily hair (that’s what Sundays are for anyway, right?).

Day 2—First shampoo: a hearty lather with the Bumble and Bumble Straight shampoo and conditioner (you must follow up with these products only) removed the excess solution and cleaned my hair. After my shower, I noticed a normal amount of frizz on my wet hair. To be fair, I had the window cracked, letting in rainy air, and I applied my makeup in a steamy bathroom. Once I blow dried, I determined that I certainly still required a flat iron (ideally, the treatment is supposed to eliminate the need for both a blow drying and flat ironing session unless you want super straight hair—which I do), though the top of my hair seemed a little more contained than usual—not by leaps and bounds—but somewhat. And once I flat ironed, my hair felt more sleek than pre-treatment. There were a few stray flyaways, but not a ton. I realized the real feat throughout the course of the day, while I was out in the elements. It rained non-stop, and I drove around town and got in and out of my car non-stop. My hair remained in the exact same post-flat iron state as when I first styled it. A friend even complimented my hair seven hours later, at dinner, and I hadn’t even had time to put a comb back through it since that morning. Success? I’d say yes.

Shampoo #2 Consensus—my results have seemed fairly minimal as far as an extreme change in hair texture (though I’m LOVING that my hair hasn’t been affected by the weather), *but  it’s important to note that I started out with naturally straight hair. I can only imagine that the pre and post-treatment difference would have to be drastic on anyone with hair that’s any more course or curly.

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