Burger Brothers at Charlotte Burger Blog

Two bloggers take on the task of trying every burger in town—and sharing every juicy bite with their readers
Chris Edwards

When beef-loving buddies Patrick Creech, thirty, and Giovanni Gutierrez, twenty-eight, started a blog in November 2010, they decided to write what they knew: burgers. The two now co-write the Charlotte Burger Blog (charlotteburger blog.com) under the pen names Hereford (Creech) and Angus (Gutierrez), and are making it their culinary quest to try every burger joint in the Charlotte region. They’ve hit just over twenty spots so far, tasting and reviewing burgers that range from basic cheddar-and-bacon melts to beef sliders topped with pepperoncini and pimento. They’ve got plenty of work to do (another twenty or so more places to try, they estimate) but have perfected their patty-tasting process. The two head into each restaurant with recording equipment, a camera, measuring tape, and a kitchen scale, and while Angus usually gets a basic burger (as rare as he can get it), Hereford will order a specialty item (more on the medium side). “The meat needs to be flavorful and juicy,” says Gutierrez, “and we really like bread that is high quality, or locally made.”  The top picks so far?  The Hungover Cyclist at The Kickstand, which places a patty in between two grilled cheese sandwiches, got points for creativity, but they’re also fans of the burgers at The Wine Shop on Fairview Road, where the beef is ground in-house, the buns are baked that morning, and the house burger stands at a mighty four inches. After they’ve eaten and finger-licked their way through Charlotte, Angus and Hereford suspect they’ll start venturing outside Q.C. turf. For now, though, they’re taking the blog bite by bite.

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