Buttoned Up

Towels from local label Lucylucybangbang add a whimsical look to your kitchen

For months Jacy kelly’s daughter, Lucy, 2 at the time, would constantly sneak away with her mom’s kitchen towels. After growing frustrated, inspiration struck the Fort Mill–based mom of two. “I thought back to those old school kitchen towels that have the crochet tab with a button and assumed there must be a modern version out there,” says kelly. “When I didn’t find what I was looking for, I made them myself.” Kelly began stitching various pieces of fabric in bold geometric and sometimes whimsical patterns to pieces of flour sack material, “a modern twist on an old favorite.” Button tabs were added to hang the towels—and keep them secure from tiny hands. Find Kelly’s creations, affectionately titled Lucylucybangbang, for sale at Cottage Chic, Bucketts gift shop, and Nest Furnishings in Fort Mill. From $7.50 each, lucylucybangbang.com

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