Canine Commitment

Alternate ways to have your dog be a part of the big day

A while ago, I wrote on how to incorporate your dog into your ceremony. But what's a girl to do when such a scenario is simply not a possibility? For devoted dog lovers like myself, it might be hard to imagine the day passing by without your four-legged friend being a part of it. So, after a bit of time and effort in researching Plan B, I've come up with more than a few thoughtful ways to make sure that special someone can still be with you on the big day, even if it's not in the form of walking down the ceremony aisle.


Given that you'll want to discuss length and tone of wedding vows with your fiancé before you get writing, why not throw out the concept of incorporating your pet into your speech. Your vows are the most meaningful and important aspect of the day, so really what better way to include someone important in the act of tying the knot than to reference that person (or in this case, canine friend) during said vows. 

Picture Perfect

Have your dog brought to the ceremony site solely for wedding party pictures. Of course, this will not be feasible if your pictures will be taken inside a venue which doesn't allow dogs, but so long as the photos will be taken outdoors, this option should work perfectly. 

The More, The Merrier

For those who plan to have a more casual, low-key reception, why not suggest to guests that anyone bring their dog to the party. Just be sure to keep in mind that this one will require extensive planning, extra caretakers and plenty of food and water on hand for all the pups in attendance. 


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