Celebrity Style: Lauren Conrad

Ok, so we don’t exactly watch The Hills. Or The City. Or any other show with a geographical location name for that matter. Jenn has been adamantly against the entire concept since its inception and Sarah realized sometime last fall that her IQ points were dipping significantly every time she tuned in to watch Lauren whine about roommate problems (in her Hollywood mansion) and Spencer act like, well, like a word we can’t say on here.

However, its essentially impossible to ignore celebrity gossip these days and so obviously we’ve heard about Spencer and Heidi getting married this weekend. (On a side note: Didn’t they already get married? I mean, I understand that weddings are great photo ops when you’re constantly vying for media attention, but seriously, you can only do this so many times right? I can’t wait to see the insanity of when they have their first child. Twice.)

The thing is, it actually looks like a pretty nice wedding. (Of course, it was being filmed by MTV, kind of taking away from the intimacy factor.) But, what we really want to comment on here is Lauren Conrad’s outfit choice for the event. It’s perfect. Bravo Lauren. It looks sophisticated (big sunglasses, darker shades, high neckline), sexy (short hemline, stiletto heels), and fashionable (hello Chanel and Louboutin). But, above all, between the black hues, big glasses, and sour expression, she has managed to accomplish the “I think this entire thing is ridiculous and I’m going to try to get as close to dressing as if I’m going to a funeral as possible. But, I am still going to look hot. So there.”

I’ve been to a few weddings that I wouldn’t have minded having her stylist for. Oh, and also, I wouldn’t mind having her legs anytime. But really we just wanted to take this opportunity to applaud her fashion choices. Well done Lauren. Sorry you have to go back to that miserable mansion and your pseudo job now.