Celebrity wedding planner—on your cell!

Mindy Weiss/Apple
Celebrity wedding and event planner Mindy Weiss can now assist you with your I Dos via your iPhone!

How about a celebrity wedding planner helping with your wedding without the celebrity wedding planner price tag? Yeah, I thought that might get your attention. Thanks to the new "Plan Your Wedding with Mindy Weiss" app (available at the Apple app store) offers up wedding planning trends, inspiration, knowledge, tips, and tricks from the woman behind the weddings of stars like Katy Perry, Ashley Simpson-Wentz, and Heidi Klum—for only $9.99—for your iPhone or iPod touch.

The app has tons of tools to help you get organized, manage your budget, and access to advice and information through exclusive videos with Mindy and daily trend updates. You can literally track everything from the band to catering to your registry, guest list, your appointments, and RSVP’s all from your phone. The feature I like? The dreamboard: you can basically create an inspiration board of all of your favorite ideas so that you’ll have it all at your fingertips for every planning appointment with your florist, caterer, cake designer, etc. for easy and quick reference. $9.99, itunes.apple.com

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