Chain Jerk

N.C. Sen. Bob Rucho tweets something very stupid, raises profile
N.C. Senate

N.C. Sen. Bob Rucho of Matthews tweeted something very dumb yesterday morning. When people objected, he tweeted something even dumber, employing the Limbaugh-Ailes best practice of trying to cover his own stupidity by accusing others of failing to grasp the subtlety of his wit. This allows him to be mean-spirited and imbecilic and play victim, too. Win-win.

Which is why it’s useless to object on anything approaching rational grounds, by observing that, no, actually, World War II and such harmed the United States in ways half-assed health care reform never could. A statement like that is not meant as a reasonable insight. It’s meant as a chain-jerk, and it serves as an effective diversion from an inconvenient fact: Rucho’s party owns the actual harm being done to actual people.

No matter. It’s the messaging that matters here, ownership of the narrative. If you genuinely believe Obamacare has done more damage to the nation than wars and terrorism, take advantage of the market opportunity and buy some vacant land the authorities can use for mass burials.

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