Charlotte Symphony Looking for a New Leader

On the same day that the Arts & Science Council announced that it had raised "only" $8.4 million through its ever-lengthening annual campaign ($300K less than its goal, but $100K more than last year), which will necessitate funding cuts to its largest affiliates, such as the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, the CSO announced that its CEO is leaving. Jonathan Martin, who's had the gig for four years, will be heading up the Dallas Symphony. Here's a link to a blog post on D Magazine's site that offers a bit more context than the local coverage, plus the entire release from the Dallas Symphony.

Martin has done nice work in attempting to change course for the Symphony as it seeks financial stability. It's not there yet–and let's face it, it may never be, because it's, well, a symphony orchestra–he's had several big fundraising wins and introduced new programs, such as KnightSounds, that attempt to connect to a younger audience. His full legacy won't really be known for a year or more, and it will be interesting to see what sort of person the Symphony's board hires to replace him.

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