Charlotteans of the Year 2017: Quail Hollow Club

From Rickie and Jordan to an army of volunteers and sunburned fans decked out in polo shirts, August’s PGA Championship made us proud. The best news? It’s probably coming back
Justin Thomas won his first major, finishing 8 under par for the tournament, which was awarded to Charlotte in 2010.

FROM MY VANTAGE POINT in the bleachers above the 18th fairway, I watched the crowd swell. Sweat trickled down my back and occasionally I’d walk inside the Mercedes-Benz hospitality tent for another blast of air conditioning. But I didn’t linger there; the course was too pretty for that. 

The PGA Championship was the biggest sporting event Charlotte has ever hosted, save maybe the 1994 Final Four. Quail Hollow Club, which underwent a long and expensive makeover to host this tournament, was stunning. Before the first round, organizers said they plan to bring the championship back to Quail Hollow. 

On the final day of play, as the golfers chipped and putted their way through the Green Mile—the final three holes—spectators scooted their chairs closer together.  They watched Justin Thomas hoist the shimmering trophy. They vowed to do it all over again.  —Adam Rhew

“I would say we can’t wait to get back here,” said PGA of America CEO Pete Bevacqua. “It’s 100 percent in our plans to bring the PGA Championship back to Quail Hollow.”

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