Chef Harry Peemoeller, Charlotte's Bread Winner

A Johnson & Wales chef is baking to win
Courtesy of Ryder Photography

A Johnson & Wales professor and his three-man team have a shot at winning the World Cup—in bread design. Chef Harry Peemoeller is the captain of the team, which recently won a coveted spot to compete in the 2012 Coupe de Monde de la Boulangerie (World Cup of Baking) in Paris. A veteran pastry instructor, Peemoeller’s baking creations have included a Statue of Liberty and a five-and-a-half-foot cello. During the competitions, he is usually given eight hours for mixing, shaping, baking, cooling, and gluing the sculpture together. “Sometimes it comes really quick, sometimes it’s really frustrating because certain breads are easier to work with than others,” he says. “It’s hard to predict what will happen to certain yeasts when they get in the oven.” He’s already started practicing for Paris—every weekend is spent making another carb-loaded statue.