Cinco de Mayo 2016 celebration spots in Charlotte

With the overwhelming number of remarkable Mexican eateries in the city, you'll have no shortage of stops on your margarita quest this Cinco de Mayo. Try one or more of these favorites.
Azteca serves up some of the city's best margaritas and Mexican fare.

We Americans really know how to create a certain brand of holiday worth its weight in booze. On St. Patrick’s Day, we dye our beer green and hoist pints of Guinness high. New Year’s Eve (Not even a holiday! It’s the day before a holiday!) practically comes with champagne bottles. And Cinco de Mayo gets bathed in tequila-laden margaritas.


Ahh, yes, Cinco de Mayo, the holiday so many of us think celebrates Mexican Independence Day. It doesn’t, by the way. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican’s victory against the French in the Battle of the Puebla, which, understandably, means drink tequila, right?


As we said, Americans are nothing if not full of ingenuity when it comes to creating a reason to drink.


In honor of the Mexican victory 154 years ago, we’ve rounded up a few top spots to order  margarita. Just remember to ask for the rim con sal.



Never heard of it? That’s a shame. This Mexican restaurant has multiple locations throughout the county, and it’s certainly worth a trip. As a bonus: after Cinco de Mayo, head back to the Independence location on Monday for $2.95 margaritas. Me encanta!


Bakersfield East 

We’ll admit it. This location is less than autentico than others on this list, but the jalapeno margarita here is incredible. The margaritas come in Mason jars (again, not autentico), but we appreciate the Southern nod. Bakersfield East is at 1301 East Blvd.


Taqueria Mexico

With so many remarkably delicious Mexican restaurants in Charlotte, you’ll know you’re in for good food when the menu is either in Spanish or Spanglish. This place fits that bill. Margaritas here run for $8 with top-shelf liquor adding on only a buck. Venture out a bit and celebrate the wonderful Mexican culture Charlotte has to offer. Taqueria Mexico is at 7001 South Blvd.


Las Margaritas

Tucked away in a strip mall east of the Wal-Mart on Independence, Las Margaritas might be easy to miss. Luckily, you have us to guide you. This is a must for any Cinco de Mayo celebration. Add a Corona tipped over into your margarita for an added bonus. Go ahead. It’s your right as an American, right? Las Margaritas is at 4426 E. Independence Blvd.



Again, not the most autentico, but this Myers Park spot’s patio is everything. With a mouth-dropping excess of 100 tequilas on hand, you won’t have any problem getting a cold margarita here. The only question is whether to get it frozen or not. RuRu’s is at 715 Providence Road.



Remember what we said about the menu being in Spanish or Spanglish? Ditto on this restaurant. With four locations across Charlotte, the Honduran, El Salvadorian and Mexican spot won’t disappoint. Celebrate with your amigos over a cold one.


Three Amigos 

Like we could make a list of the city’s best Cinco spots without naming the seemingly favorite, Three Amigos. Wash down the all-you-can-eat enchiladas Thursday night for only $8 with margaritas that start at less than $6. Three Amigos is at 2917 Central Ave. 


Verify dates, times, prices, and other info at the web addresses listed for each event.

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