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Four Charlotteans share their wardrobe necessities, from blazers to Chuck Taylors


Occupation: Mortgage banker at Wyndham Capital Mortgage

I describe my personal style as:  Fresh.

Why do Charlotteans wear: Rompers; they look like overgrown children’s pajamas.

Every man’s/woman’s wardrobe should have: Chuck Taylors and a tuxedo.

You won’t catch me in: Anything embellished—a Barbour jacket, a deep V-neck, a rosary, skinny jeans, or turtlenecks.

I splurge on: I don’t often, but if I do—shoes and watches, stuff that I can use a lot of different ways.



Occupation: MAC makeup artist at Nordstrom, painter

I describe my personal style as: “Edgy Barbie,” with some flavor and funk.

Why do Charlotteans wear: A version of the same look everyday. What we wear is just another form of art on a different canvas. Have fun with it!

Every man/woman’s wardrobe should have: Variety—the spice of life!

You won’t catch me in: Black (outside of work). Being an artist, I love color and the feelings it evokes.

I splurge on: Accessories. I love how easily they can transform a simple outfit from Plain Jane to super fresh.



Occupation: Fashion editor at Fox Charlotte, anchor at Fox News Edge, owner of and stylist at J.Studio Salon, and creator of FashionSOUL

I describe my personal style as: Ever changing, classic, loud, quiet, and everything in between.

Why do Charlotteans wear: Loafers, croakies, and the “mop” haircut.

Every man’s/woman’s wardrobe should have: Staple pieces—a pair of brown leather boots, a gray or black well-tailored suit, a perfectly fitted white button- up, and a great watch.

I splurge on: Watches and shoes. As long as you have these things, your outfit will be on the right path!



Occupation: High school science teacher at Charlotte- Mecklenburg Schools

I describe my personal style as: Classic with a modern spin.

Why do Charlotteans wear: Outfits that match from head to toe; sometimes it’s good to complement colors and patterns.

Every man’s/woman’s wardrobe should have: A blazer—they can easily be dressed up or down. You won’t catch me: In jeans with crazy designs on the pockets or heavy stitching.

I splurge on: Handbags and shoes.

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