Cocktails and Cleavage

Photograph by Chris Edwards

In uptown’s Phil’s Tavern there’s a framed photo of the female staff: about a dozen women all (barely) wearing tube tops. “A strip club!” you might gasp, before tiptoeing out the side door.

Charlotte nightspots recently lowered the bar—and hiked the skirt—on waitress attire. Hooters’ servers scantily clad? Not next to southeast Charlotte bar Tilted Kilt, where plaid halter bras are de rigueur and placards tout “demure little lasses with cute little asses.” Back uptown, it baffles us that exclusive hot spot Suite cannot find its waitresses a decent pair of pants.

To have a dress code at a place where waitresses sport corsets and stilettos seems laughable. And Bikinis in otherwise family-friendly University Place offers “sports with a view.” That view would be of boobs. We get that sex sells a lot of Jack-and-Cokes. But until we feel more secure around these flesh-baring servers, we might stay inside Charlotte’s more conservative bars. Like Phil’s Tavern.

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