Coming Soon… Coral

This morning, I was surfing the website of a favorite Charleston-based clothing line (it’s called Troubadour – I live to own this dress), when I noticed that they had listed a new store in Charlotte that stocks their collection. A store I had never heard of.  I asked around (to the two other people who sit near me in my office) and they hadn’t heard of it either.  But then, lo and behold, over lunch we spotted it: a new store moving into the old Modern Salon & Spa location on East Boulevard.  It’s called Coral, and based solely on the fact that Troubadour is one of the lines they’ll be carrying, I am officially intrigued! The sign says it’s opening soon, but that’s all the info I have so far.

Do you have any more scoop on what Coral will be offering or when it is opening? Share with the other Shop Talkers!

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