Concerts for Costumes

Why you need an amazing Halloween!

We have three pieces of good news:

First, on Halloween (Sunday, the 31st, in case you don’t have scrawled in orange in your planner), the Fillmore is featuring Southern grunge (new genre!) band the Drive-By Truckers. This is a great head-banging, beer-guzzling band to hear on the year’s most hardcore holiday. So that’s cool.

Second, they’re holding a costume contest right before the show. And head-banging and beer-guzzling always get amplified when you’re dressed like a Twilight character or Sarah Palin.

Third, the prize for the costume contest is a SIX MONTH pass to the Fillmore. That means six months of free concerts at one of Charlotte’s hottest music venues. And we never use the word "hottest" unless we absolutely have to. Upcoming concerts include 30 Seconds to Mars, Shinedown, Gary Allan, and Ben Folds. For free.

But only IF you can come up with Charlotte’s most clever costume. Consider yourself challenged.

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