Contest: The Body Shop Scent-Me Body Cream

If you’re like us, your entire toiletry selection is split into parts. There’s the perfume with an extra kick for those special nights out. And the simple fragrance with a hint of vanilla for cold winter days at the office. And the one with a touch of lime for a hot day at the beach. And those are just your fragrances, don’t even get us started on the varying lotions, shampoos, and makeup, all organized according to who you’ll see and what you’re doing.

This is why we love The Body Shop’s Scent-Me Body Cream($16). This, and we can’t get enough of the silky feeling the cream leaves on our skin. If we were going to name it, we’d call it The Body Shop’s Cream for Girls Who Like to Have Choices When it Comes to Their Scent. So, we’re giving one away with three choices: Oceanus, White Musk, and Clementine. The oils ($16 a bottle) are to be added to the cream. Find a favorite? Toss out the others and add it all. Or, switch it around whenever you want.

So, how do you win this fabulous find? Just click that “Email Us!” link to the right and tell us what beauty product you just can’t live without.

The contest ends next Friday at noon so click soon!