Creative Kid

An eight-year-old's stylish new clothing line
Chris Edwards

We all know the frustration that a “nothing fits right” day at the mall leads to. But for eight-year-old Kayla Navarro, of Briar Creek Elementary, a few too many of those fruitless shopping trips led to SparklebyKB, a fresh line of custom-made girl’s clothing that suits her—and other plus-size girls—just right. The budding fashionista and her mother, Nakia, teamed up with local designer Tara Davis to develop Kayla’s drawings into outfits sewn to meet the looser-fitting “KB standard”—from a one-shoulder shirt to a polka dot sundress. “My size is really hard to find, but I felt confident walking around in these clothes,” Kayla says of her new line. The spring collection, Sweet Imagination, launches this month at the Kidz @ Stylemax Fashion Mart in Chicago, but you can check out SparklebyKB at

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