Decorating with Mirrors: What Not To Do

And what to do instead.

Mirrors are special home accessories; they are both functional and fashionable. That is, as long as you use them correctly. Decorating with mirrors has a few more rules than you might think. For example, did you know it's bad juju to hang a mirror in front of your bed?


Read on to see what some of the absolute don'ts of decorating with mirrors are, as well as what you should be doing instead. When you hang mirrors in your home with intention, they become very powerful decor additions.


Don't hang mirrors in the kitchen.

Kitchens don't really have a use for a mirror. It's just not practical, especially considering the fact that a mirror will get dirty or splashed on very quickly when in the kitchen, requiring a lot more upkeep and giving no real benefit.

Instead, hang a mirror on a wall behind your dining room table as a focal point. Mirrors make for great statement pieces. 


Don't reflect something unattractive.

Here comes the functional part about mirrors. It's important to be mindful of where you're hanging your mirror in relation to the things across from it. If it reflects a cluttered area or a not-so-pretty furnishing (not that you'd have one of those your home, right?!), you're essentially doubling that unattractive sight, decreasing the overall atmosphere of the space.

Try to hang your mirror across from a beautiful bouquet or piece of artwork you're especially proud of. Double the style! 


Don't hang mirrors in the bedroom.

Or, if you must have one in the bedroom, just make sure it's not across from your bed so that the first thing you see in the morning isn't your reflection. Feng Shui says mirrors are water signs, which can bring sorrow to the bedroom. 


Don't put a mirror on the ceiling.

Hopefully you learned your lesson from the '70s. Mirrors on ceilings are just plain tacky.


Don't place a mirrored furnishing in an already-busy room.

A mirrored piece of furniture such as a nightstand or coffee table will overwhelm a room that's already got a lot going on.

Place a mirrored furnishing in a room that could use a little more intrigue. You can also use these pieces in small rooms to make them seem bigger.

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