Different Spokes

Two-wheeled works of art from Public Bikes now available at Design Within Reach

Urban bike culture can be divisive. Usually, there are two camps: the people who consider biking a reasonable form of transportation, and the people who honk at those people as they try to pass them in their car. Well, Charlotte may need to make room for a third group—people who never thought they’d want to ride a bike in the city until they discovered Public Bikes. Created by the founder of Design Within Reach, Rob Forbes, Public Bikes are designed to be simple, lightweight, and easy to use even if you’ve never considered making your commute atop two wheels. They come in three frame types and a variety of speeds (one, three, seven, or eight). It also doesn’t hurt that they’re pretty darn easy on the eyes. Available in bright, punchy colors like powder blue, orange, and chartreuse (pictured above), these playful bikes are so pretty they might warrant a few honks of the “Hey! Lookin’ good!” variety instead of the angry kind.

M8 model, $995. Public Bikes are available for order at Design Within Reach, 4310 Sharon Rd., 704-365-6514
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